E-Pusara is a pilot project by the Islamic Religious Department of the Federal Territory (JAWI). This project was implemented in 2011. E-Pusara developed to manage and operate cemetery in the Islamic Religious Department of the Federal Territory (JAWI) and also cemetery not under the supervision of JAWI. The E-Pusara has made several upgraded  to use latest open-source technologies and features.

The E-Pusara projects that have been successfully completed:

  1. E-Pusara JAWI - Involving Islamic cemeteries Bukit Kiara and KL-Karak.

           E-Pusara includes of some main applications

    • Cemetery Management System - system to manage the location of grave plots in the cemetery and also information on remains.
    • Website Management System - system to administer the E-Pusara website
    • E-Pusara Website - The website displays a tomb search engine and also tomb related information.
    • Corpse data collection. This includes the data that has been recorded as well as new data taken from the Islamic cemeteries involved.
  1. E-Pusara Kariah – Cemeteries that are not under JAWI's control, which are managed by residents' associations or nearby mosques. Involving Islamic cemeteries Alam Damai, Ibukota, Datuk Keramat, Taman Sri Sinar, Sg Penchala and Titiwangsa. 

    The cemetery management system has also been updated. Updates that have been made include:

    • Improvements to the search engine - The search engine can now perform a "full text search". This has completely improved the quality of the search results, especially those involving the input of the name of the deceased and the name of the next of kin.
    • Search using old lot numbers – users can use either old lot numbers (if available) or new lot numbers to search for grave lot numbers. However, this old lot number search does not involve TPI Bukit Kiara and TPI KL-Karak.
    • System administrators can perform several online photo update functions such as "photo cropping", arranging photos, and "drag and drop photo upload".
  2. E-Pusara Mutmainnah – For Mutmainnah Islamic Cemetery, located at Jalan Kong-kong, Pasir Gudang, Johor Darul Takzim. The first E-Pusara that uses various new technologies such as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), High Precision GPS and also a new Grave Management System with full GIS capabilities.  

    By using these technology,

    • Can map the plot cemetery quickly and efficiently
    • Successfully completed data observations in the cemetery and taken photos of more than 4000 grave plots.
  3. MyPusara Raudhatul Baqi’ – Involving Islamic cemeteries Raudhatul Baqi’, Cyber 10, Cyberjaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. 

    Several improvements have been implemented in the E-Pusara System. Among them are:

    • Users can share the location and information of the remains on Whatsapp and Facebook
    • Users can see the position of the remains plot in the Google map.
    • With direct integration with Google Map, users can track grave plots in real-time using just a smartphone.